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aquatic facility audits

Drowning, disease, and injury prevention start with understanding the specific hazards.  This course helps managers, operators, and service professionals view the facilities they operate with a fresh eye focused on reducing risk.  The course includes a copy of the Aquatic Facility Audits handbook and educates people about why safety audits are important and how to actually plan and conduct a safety audit.  The course also teaches how to formulate corrective action, write audit reports, and conduct follow-ups to ensure the desired corrective actions are taken.

This 2-hour interactive, online course features narration, images, video, and exercises and, upon successful completion, you can print a record of completion.

recreational water illnesses

Public health officials, pool operators, aquatic managers, service companies, suppliers and manufacturers will gain a comprehensive and detailed understanding about the control of RWIs by taking this online course.  The course, intended to help professionals understand and prevent these often serious illnesses includes advanced material and 114-page handbook. 

RWIs can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including gastrointestinal, skin, ear, respiratory, eye, neurologic, and wound infections.  Cryto, which can stay alive for days even in well-maintained pools, has become the leading cause of swimming pool-related outbreaks of diarrheal illness.

Participants work through the basic steps of identifying the health threats present, unique features to those threats, understanding what the possible consequences would be, identify ways to reduce the risks and finally, prioritizing the risk reduction.  Registrants have access to the online training for six months once purchased and can earn a record of completion by successfully passing the course.  Topics include:

  • Risks Management for RWIs
  • Microbes and Disease
  • Gastrointestinal, Dermal and Respiratory RWIs
  • Other Microorganisms and Disease in Aquatic Settings
  • Methods for Control of RWIs

emergency response planning

This online course teaches managers how to deveiop an effective emergency response action plan.  Establishing an Emergency Response Plan is the critical first step organizations can take to minimize injuries to staff and patrons, and administer care when responding to emergencies.  This 2hr online course is interactive and features narration, images, video, and exercises and includes a copy of the Emergency Response Planning Handbook.  You can earn a record of completion by successfully passing the course.  Work at your own pace as you learn how to develop an effective emergency response action plan.  Some of the topics covered include:

  • Understanding an ERP and what is required
  • Aquatic emergencies
  • Pool fecal matter emergencies
  • Weather and natural disater response
  • Aquatic Hazard Communication Plan in Accordance with OSHA.1200

aquatic risk management

Learn how to protect your customer and staff and reduce risk and liability.  This online 2hr interactive course enhances learning, allowing you to work through a series of topics, along with case studies that are fully illustrated with photos and examples throughout.  Participants will find a discussion of the aquatic risk management process and content on the following topics:

  • The law and the Aquatic Professional
  • Case Studies - Five case studies illustrate how judgements are reached in a variety of incidences
  • Aquatic Risk Management - Best practices are shared
  • Implemented a Risk Management Plan
  • Emergency Response Plans (ERP)

Handbook included

The NSPF® Aquatic Management Series™ is a four part series with concentrations in Aquatic Risk Management, Emergency Response Planning, Aquatic Facility Audits, and Recreational Water Illnesses.  Each series can be completed as a "stand alone" online course or can be included as a supplemental option with the CPO® Certification. Handbooks are also available for individual purchase.  Visit our Store for more details. 

NSPF®  Aquatic Management series™