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The Certified Pool/Spa Inspector™ (CPI™) online training course is designed to provide a standardized training program for health officials and pool operators on conducting pool and spa inspections.

The purpose of this training program is to assure a sanitary, healthy, and safe environment for the public when using swimming pools and spas.  A copy of the Certified Pool/Spa Inspector ™ Handbook is provided when you register for the course.

The prerequisite to obtaining CPI certification is a current CPO® Certification.  CPI certification is valid as long as a current CPO Certification is maintained.

For students that are CPO® Certified, they may get an additional certification through the National Swimming Pool Foundation® by completing the course successfully and submitting a certification request with a $30 fee to NSPF®.

Students without a current CPO® Certification may print out a Record of Completion from the online course.  Students completing the classroom CPI course will receive their CPI Certification in the mail from the NSPF®.

The passing grade is 80% or higher.

In this course you will learn:

  • The basis for the code requirements and why a violation is a public health hazard
  • How to perform an inspection of the pool and spa area
  • How to evaluate swimming pool operation and maintenance
  • How the circulation system and its components work
  • How to evaluate a facility for Pool & Spa Safety Act compliance
  • The uniqueness in spa inspections
  • About recreational water illnesses
  • Supervision and operator records
  • The uniqueness of aquatic play features
  • Basic swimming pool design standards and their impact on public health.

nspf® certified pool - spa inspector™